Simple Procedures

Aeris Pediatrics is proud to serve the people of Twin Falls and the Magic Valley with all their primary care pediatric needs. We’re here to address medical concerns from the day your child is born.

Simple Procedures Offered By Aeris Pediatrics

Our pediatric providers are well-experienced performing a variety of procedures common within primary care pediatrics. Some common procedures performed at our practice include:

Frenulectomy – Your frenum, or frenulum, is a tissue that connects two pieces of tissue. In your mouth , the lingual frenulum connects your tongue to the floor of your mouth. In some cases, this can be tighter than necessary and create a condition called “tongue-tied”.

• Circumcision – This procedure, commonly performed within the first two weeks after birth, removes the skin that covers the tip of the penis. There are some medical benefits to this procedure, however, it is often performed for religious and/or cultural reasons. While it’s possible to perform a circumcision when a child is older, it becomes more complicated to do so.

• Suturing – When a child receives an open wound, it may be necessary to give sutures to help it heal. This is typically only necessary in larger wounds and will be removed within two weeks of being placed. Sutures help the wound heal but also help to prevent them from becoming infected.

• Cryotherapy – Cryotherapy is a procedure in which extreme cold is used to remove abnormal tissue quickly. It is a quick and painless way to remove skin tags, warts, and other unusual growths.

• Splinting & Casting – We provide splints and casts to aid in recovery from injuries, including broken bones. We have several types of splints and casts, depending on the injury’s nature.

Through these procedures, our pediatricians can help ease your worries and provide the best pediatric care in Twin Falls, ID.

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Childhood is a time full of grand adventures, but like any adventure, it comes with bumps and bruises. Our team at Aeris Pediatric is dedicated to supporting your children with the healthcare they need to grow and thrive. From patching up their minor injuries to helping them prepare for school, we’ll be there for them. Whether you’re already a member of our patient family or ready to find out what Aeris Pediatric can do for you, call us today. You can come in immediately for non-emergent injuries in need of treatment or schedule an appointment at a convenient time.

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Our main goal is to provide childhood disease prevention, screening/early detection of illnesses and appropriate developmental guidance while always keeping in mind medical advances and changing lifestyles. We look forward to assisting you with the rewarding yet challenging adventures of caring for your children as they grow into healthy adulthood.