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Pediatrician-Led Care for Kids in Twin Falls & the Magic Valley

High-Quality, Personalized Care by an Experienced Pediatric Team You Can Trust!

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Pediatrician-Led Care for Kids in
Twin Falls & the Magic Valley

High-quality, personalized care by an experienced pediatric team you can trust!

Your child’s health is our first priority.


Your Relationship With Your Pediatric Team Is Important

As parents, caring for your children is your number one priority. Finding a pediatric clinic that you can trust can be an overwhelming experience. Many large-sized clinics have constantly ringing phones, unfamiliar faces, and rushed providers who seem to be in and out of the exam room in only a few minutes. However, at Aeris Pediatrics, we value relationships and the experience you have while visiting the pediatric office.  We want you to feel relaxed and welcome, and to see friendly staff you recognize. We always want you to feel you have adequate time to address any questions or concerns you may have. Our team members are excited to get to know your child’s first name, favorite colors, and hobbies.  We care about you and want to be here for you when needed.  Visiting the doctor’s office should be welcoming, fun, and familiar, and your child deserves to enjoy it!

The Experience & Quality Standards of Your Pediatric Team Are Important

At Aeris, we take pride in the quality of our staff and our supportive team environment. All our providers and staff have significant pediatric experience in addition to licensure and training that are advanced for their respective job roles. We value a highly effective and collaborative team setting and want families to feel and benefit from the positivity and cohesiveness of our team at every visit. Our providers closely follow guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics in all aspects of patient care, and emphasize patient-centered medical home values within our clinic structure and service.

Visiting the pediatric office should be fun!

what makes our office fun?

We are a kid friendly office with a teepee and other fun lobby activities!
We use shot blockers and popsicles to ease the pain of shots!
Our team members love their jobs including the smiling faces of patients we treat!
Most of our staff have children of their own!
We have a token machine to reward patients for finishing their visit!
We love the color purple!
We have a fun Instagram with games and activities!
We have the friendliest staff around!
We love getting to know our patients and their families!

View Some FAQ's

A pediatrician is a medical doctor who specializes in the care of children. Pediatricians have undergone special training in the health and illnesses of infants, teens and young adults, and all of our pediatricians at Aeris Pediatrics are certified by the American Board of Pediatrics after passing comprehensive exams.

Yes, in fact we strongly encourage parents-to-be to visit our office for a prenatal appointment. This is a great way to get acquainted with our office and our doctors. During this visit, we will answer any questions that you have about our practice or your new child.

Your child should not only see the pediatrician for an illness. It is also important to schedule well-child-care exams regularly, beginning in infancy. Also called well-care visits or checkups, these routine examinations provide the best opportunity for the doctor to observe the progress of your child’s physical and mental growth and development; to counsel and teach parents; to detect problems through screening tests; to provide immunizations, and to get to know one another.

Insurance coverage for services varies according to insurance plan. Some plans cover well care, but may not cover acute charges and/or screenings. If care is provided that is not covered under an insurance policy, then you will be responsible for these charges.

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Our building is the first one on the right when entering the Renaissance complex. We look forward to seeing you at our new place!
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