School & Sports Physicals

Whether for a sports team or enrollment in a new school, we’re here to help provide your child with a clean bill of health with wellness checkups and sports physicals. Physicals are an essential part of keeping your child healthy. They provide milestones for their growth, help measure their physical activity, and check their health for any diseases or conditions. Below, we’ll cover the types of physicals we offer at Aeris Pediatrics in Twin Falls, ID.

Physicals and Checkups At Aeris Pediatrics

Because schools require physicals, our practice offers school physicals that cooperate with the surrounding school counties in the Twin Falls, ID, area. By cooperating with these schools, your child can be ready for the beginning of the school year by next fall. For schools with athletic programs, many of them require sports physicals. These physicals assess the child’s ability to participate safely in the desired activity.

Our pediatricians can offer both school and sports physicals to help your child get to school and participate in activities. When getting a school or sports physical with us, your child or future athlete will go through the following tests to make sure they’re in healthy, tip-top shape:

Height and weight check
Blood pressure reading
Vision test to see if the child may need prescription glasses
Check joints, posture, and muscles
Check ears, nose, and throat
Evaluate the condition of the child’s heart and lungs

There may be additional tests required depending on your school’s requirements. When the physical is completed, our doctors will send your child back to school with a pediatric note on whether they are cleared to play sports. We can also schedule their physical either during their birth month or at least six to eight weeks before the season begins. This allows time for your child to get involved in any school, sports activities, or summer camp activities they desire.

For children in schools with sports programs, getting them a school and sports physical as soon as possible is important. The AAP recommends that even kids with no interest in sports should get a school and sports physical, as all children are potential athletes and students. Plus, getting their sports and school physical done by your pediatrician helps keep their medical records and healthy history up to date.

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