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Aeris Pediatrics is here to help your child grow up healthy and thriving. At our Twin Falls, ID, clinic, we’re proud to provide families with the security of dedicated pediatric care. From wellness visits to providing education about the changes they’ll experience growing up, we will be there.

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At the foundation of your child’s care are preventative medicine and education. This begins with preventative care in the form of regular checkups and immunizations. Throughout your child’s growth, we’ll track their progress, including learning about their nutrition and behavioral concerns.

As part of our primary form of care, we provide many treatments and services aimed at helping them reach their growth milestones and care for their medical needs, including: 

Regular Checkups: Regular wellness checkups during the first few years of their lives are essential for children, as all children need to reach their developmental milestones to grow healthy. 

Sick Visits: Our pediatricians will be here for you during times of illness. If your child has a stubborn cough, stuffy nose, or fever, we can provide them with the treatments they need to feel better. 

Vaccinations/Immunizations: Vaccinations remain a vital part of children’s medical care, and our pediatricians can provide your child with immunization schedules that work for them and you. 

Newborn and Infant Care: Parents with newborns face many challenges, and our pediatricians can provide excellent parental advice, products, and screenings to ensure your baby is happy and healthy. 

School and Sports Physicals: Children getting ready for school can be an exciting time, and our practice can offer school and sports physicals to get them ahead of schedule. 

Nutritional Counseling: If you are facing problems with your family dinners, we can provide you with excellent nutritional advice to help them get the nutrients they need. 

School/Behavior Counseling: Behavior problems? Through our compassionate providers and staff, we can ensure that your child is understood and help work through problems together. 

Acute and Chronis Illness Care: Most of all, if your child faces acute or chronic illnesses that impact their quality of life, then we’re here to be a stepping stone every step to help them grow and heal. 

We’re More Than Just A Doctor’s Visit 

With our wide selection of services, we want to develop ways to help families connect with the medical resources they need. Scheduling a visit with Aeris Pediatrics means we can provide ways to improve your child’s health through a safe, welcoming environment. We also offer your children fun ways to engage with team by entertaining them with fun, educational activities. But more so than anything, we’re a place to start the foundation for your child’s life and future. So, if you’re interested in learning more about Aeris Pediatrics, schedule an appointment at our Twin Falls, ID, location today to get started. 

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Our main goal is to provide childhood disease prevention, screening/early detection of illnesses and appropriate developmental guidance while always keeping in mind medical advances and changing lifestyles. We look forward to assisting you with the rewarding yet challenging adventures of caring for your children as they grow into healthy adulthood.